About Nate

Nate is a Native Washingtonian who, since a youth growing up in Historic Anacostia, has been passionate about making a positive change for the residents of the District of Columbia, who now finds it necessary for DC residents to demand new and competent leadership to make sure the voices of every resident in the District never goes unheard.

Our fight for justice and equal representation in our nation’s government is a fight that has gone on for too long without adequate leadership. Nate believes in and offers a new way of leadership and strives to get people across the District and across the country more involved in the movement for equality for every American citizen.

Nate believes that we need to ensure democracy, representation and self-determination to make life better for residents of the District of Columbia. Unless residents of Washington have the basic right to be represented fully by people of their choosing, issues with crime, education and other pressing topics will continue to worsen. Nate also believes that we are standing upon a unique opportunity to gain these rights and liberties in this decade. With a majority-democratic Congress and the support of our President, the time has come for us intensify our efforts through public demonstration here in D.C. and around the country.

What Nate will Do:

  • Engage elected officials
    • Nate has already met with national and state leaders and plans to meet with officials in the White House and the leadership staff of the District House Subcommittee.
    • Based on Nate’s tireless efforts, well over a thousand new supporters have come to support the cause
    • As  your Shadow Representative, Nate will have a mandate to engage more congresspersons and a platform from which to demand a place at the table
  • Build a national movement
    • Nate has strong ties at numerous colleges and universities across the nation
    • Nate has already laid the foundation for the establishment of  15 student organizations across every region of the count

To volunteer, contact Campaign Manager Conrad Woody at Conrad@electnate.com

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